A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Hockey Stick Curve

Choosing the right Hockey Stick Curve is essential for improving your game on the ice. It is important to consider your position, style of play, and what type of shots you take when deciding which Blade Pattern will be the best fit for you. The three primary curve types include Heel, Toe, and Mid Curves, with varying degrees of loft, curve depth, and lie. Understanding how each of these factors can affect your game will help you make an informed decision.

Heel Curves are ideal for defensemen, as they improve accuracy and power on slap shots. Toe Curves, on the other hand, are great for forwards as they allow for easier puck lifting and shooting in tight spaces. Mid Curves are a balanced option, providing stickhandlers and passers with accuracy on all types of shots, including backhand shots.

The degree of loft in a Blade Pattern affects shot power and lift. Closed faced Blade Patterns are best for keeping shots low and powerful, while slightly open faced Blade Patterns are easier to lift the puck with. Open faced Blade Patterns are ideal for getting the puck up in the air quickly in tight areas.

Curve depth refers to how deep the actual curve of the blade is. Slight curve depths offer great accuracy and puck control but are harder to lift the puck with. Moderate curve depths are the most popular, offering improved puck control, lift, and backhand abilities. Deep curve depths provide the most control and help snipe corners in tight spaces, but are not recommended for beginners.

The lie of a Hockey Stick is also essential when selecting a Blade Pattern. The right lie will help control the puck while stickhandling, receiving passes, and shooting. Common lie options include 4, 5, and 6. A lower lie is best for players who skate with a lower center of balance, while a higher lie is ideal for quick, puck handling forwards.

In summary, understanding the different types of Hockey Stick Curves, along with their varying degrees of loft, curve depth, and lie, will help you choose the right Blade Pattern to improve your game on the ice. Take into account your position, style of play, and the type of shots you take to make an informed decision when selecting your next Hockey Stick.

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