Swift Hockey's Guide to Summer Off-Season Training


Hockey players worldwide prepare for a different kind of season when the temperatures rise and the ice begins to melt: the summer off-season. Even while it could be tempting to take it easy during this time, the summer is an important time to improve your abilities, gain strength, and get ready for the demands of the next hockey season. Presenting Swift Hockey, the perfect partner for your off-season training. We'll go over some crucial advice and inspiration in this guide to help you step up your game this summer.

1. Rest and Recover

It is important to give your body time to reset and recover. Taos Jordan, Swift Hockey Athlete and OHL Owen Sound defensemen says,I give myself 2 weeks off, and go do things I love other than hockey.Some ideas that Taos enjoys are spending time with family, golfing with friends, going on long walks with his dog, and finding job opportunities.

2. Create Goals

Before starting your off-season training program, give yourself enough time to establish attainable goals. Whether your goals are to increase your skate speed, improve your shot accuracy, or build more endurance, setting specific goals will help you stay motivated and focused this summer.

3. Develop and Improve Your Skills

The summer season is a great time to improve your hockey skills. Practice stickhandling, shooting, passing, and puck control regularly. To improve your technique, use off-ice training aids like stickhandling balls, shooting targets, and synthetic ice surfaces when possible to mimic on-ice movements.

4. Find Motivation

Though it can be difficult, motivation is crucial for keeping yourself on track with your goals throughout the summer off-season. Make sure that everyone around you, whether it be teammates, coaches, or training partners, all have the same enthusiasm for hockey as you do. Continue pushing yourself to new limits by taking inspiration from your favourite professional hockey players.

5. Stay Consistent

To be successful with off-season training, you must be consistent. Create a structured training schedule that combines on-ice and off-ice activities, then follow it accordingly.  Always keep in mind that growth takes time and effort, so stick to your workout routine to avoid setbacks.

In conclusion, with Swift Hockey as your guide, you have everything you need to make the most of the summer off-season and elevate your game to new heights. Be sure to check out our website www.swift-hockey.com so you can play Swift.

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