Zechariah Thomas and Swift Hockey: Revolutionizing the Game


In a world where sports innovation often comes with a hefty price tag, one entrepreneur is skating a different path. Zechariah Thomas, the founder of Swift Hockey, is changing the game with his unique approach to high-quality, affordable hockey equipment. Let's dive into his story and how Swift Hockey is making a mark in the ice hockey world.

The Genesis of Swift Hockey

Swift Hockey began as an answer to a prevalent issue in the hockey community - the exorbitant prices of elite senior sticks. Major brands were setting prices that were out of reach for many players, especially those just starting in the sport. Zechariah, a former student-athlete at Okanagan Hockey Ontario and a passionate hockey player, saw an opportunity to democratize access to quality equipment. He believed that high performance shouldn't be a privilege of the few.

Quality Meets Affordability

What sets Swift Hockey apart is its unwavering commitment to quality without the steep price. The brand offers NHL Certified sticks that are on par with top brands in terms of performance but at a fraction of the cost. Their price range, typically between $110 to $150, is a game-changer in an industry where similar quality sticks could cost upwards of $400.

A Personal Touch to Business

Thomas's journey is not just about business. It's deeply personal. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to hockey come from his own experiences as a player and a student. His story resonates with many young athletes who dream of playing at higher levels but are often hindered by financial constraints.

Swift Hockey’s Global Impact

Swift Hockey's influence stretches beyond the local rinks of Durham, Ontario. The brand has found a market in Europe and the United States, indicating a universal demand for affordable, quality hockey gear. This expansion also reflects Thomas's vision and the broad appeal of Swift Hockey's value proposition.

Looking to the Future

The future of Swift Hockey is as dynamic as the sport itself. Plans to expand the product line to include other hockey gear are underway, maintaining the core philosophy of quality and affordability. Zechariah Thomas is not just selling hockey sticks; he's nurturing a community and inspiring the next generation of hockey players.


Swift Hockey, under Zechariah Thomas's leadership, represents more than just a sports equipment brand. It symbolizes a shift in how quality sports gear can be accessible to all. In the competitive world of sports entrepreneurship, Swift Hockey is a refreshing narrative of passion, innovation, and inclusivity.

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